Why Choose Us

Why choose Base-N-aBox?

Maintaining your own RTK base
station or cluster of stations is a way
of the past—Internet RTK and RTK
networks provide the highest ROI!

Reducted Startup Costs

Base stations and towers are not
required in areas already serviced by
free government RTK networks or
subscription-based private RTK

Safe from Theft and the Elements

Permanent installations are subject
to all types of exploitation: corrosion,
lightning, water infiltration, theft, and
vandalism. We’ve even seen plywood
boxes containing $20,000 worth of
equipment—that’s a big investment
to leave so vulnerable!

Up-To-Date Technology

Agricultural GPS systems typically
see major upgrades every four years,
so as soon as you get the base
station paid for, it then becomes
obsolete and must be upgraded. With
Base-N-aBox, large commercial
and government operations are
responsible for keeping up with
technology, not you!

Range Depth

You won’t have issues with
conventional tower-based radio range
and dropouts. Base-N-aBox typically
has a 30-plus-mile range to the
nearest cell tower (triple that of a
conventional cell phone). If you’re in
the mood to build your own reference
stations, the Base-N-aBox permanent
reference stations have triple
redundancy to rovers.

Signal and Power

If your onboard system has power,
so does your Base-N-aBox. Plus,
Base-N-aBox utilizes government and
private RTK/CORS networks built to
support numerous RTK systems, so
you won’t have to worry about signal

Accurate and Dependable

RTK is subject to accuracy
degradation depending on the distance
of the rover from the base. Technically
called PPM (parts per million),
degradation in accuracy is about an
additional one inch for every 15 miles
from the base station. Depending on
the weather and your equipment, you
may have an additional three PPM,
which equates to four-inch ground
accuracy when using a fixed-base
station at 15 miles. Base-N-aBox
accesses the station in your local
geographical area, effectively
removing the PPMs so you can
maintain one-inch ground accuracy
wherever you roam.