Our Products

Base-N-aBox products eliminate hassle

Whatever your application, count on Base-N-aBox to make your life easier. No other product
on the market makes real-time kinematic networking as simple or convenient. When you
purchase Base-N-aBox, you also receive the promise of our three core philosophies.

1. Simplicity

Our system must be as simple as possible to operate. As a business owner you have
enough worries—we want to make sure our base station isn’t one of them.

2. Reliability

Without a reliable GPS base station, you have nothing but trouble. We started with
the most rugged and powerful GNSS and surrounded it with high-end, military-grade
components such as sealed cables and connectors, multiple points of lightning
protection including a full grounding kit, and even a backup communications
channel. The only time you’ll visit this base station in the field is to show it off.

3. Integrity

We believe business should be conducted by a handshake and your word, not
some legal agreement.* If something isn’t right, we’ll fix it.
*To keep prices low, most of our sales are online, which requires an actual legal agreement.