M3 Units


The Base-N-aBox Bridge® represents the third and final step in the advancement
of Bridges. Building on older Bridges such as the first-generation Intuicom
Bridges and the second-generation Champion Bridges, the M3 connects
high-precision GNSS users like never before.

The M3 is a completely self-contained communications device that is compatible with
all GSM and CDMA carriers worldwide. In addition, you can utilize any Wi-Fi hotspot
to connect to the Internet, reducing the need for another data line. If you prefer to utilize
its high-power modem, it can be switched over to become a Wi-Fi hotspot in addition
to a GNSS corrections streaming device.
Large-scale users will love the integrated 900 MHz SSR radio, which allows a single
Internet-connected M3 to broadcast GNSS corrections to all users within range
(typically one mile).
The M3 Bridge, when turned on for the first time, can be remotely configured to access
your preferred GNSS corrections provider. Once the required parameters (IP address
and username) are entered, corrections start streaming out the serial port to your
RTK-enabled device. The device can easily be reconfigured either remotely via the
WWW, or directly by using any terminal program.
The M3 has been optimized so it runs on every brand of GNSS hardware available,
including proprietary sytems that older bridges failed with, such as Trimble,
John Deere, AutoFarm®, Ag Leader, Pacific Crest, Satel®, Ashtech™, Leica, Topcon,
Outback™, Hemisphere®, CHC, Altus, NavCom, and many more.
When talking compatibility, there are many realizations of GNSS corrections. All are
directly supported by the M3, which has the ability to communicate NTRIP, Mount Points,
and GGA positioning back to a central server. Some of the more popular realizations
supported by the M3 are single base, MRS, PRS, MAC, iMAX, MAX, and FKP. With all
those realizations come different flavors of data, such as RTCM 2, RTCM 3, CMR,
CMR+, CMRx, DEERE, and ATOM—all of which the M3 supports.
The M3 Bridge is the only device in the world that allows you to simultaneously utilize
Verizon via a MiFi and AT&T via a SIM card to transparently roam from one carrier to the
next without any software or hardware changes or setup!