About Us

About Base-N-aBox

We provide turnkey Bridges for farmers, heavy contractors, land surveyors, and
hydrographic surveyors. We also offer consulting in the following areas:

  • Bridge® custom kits
  • Bridge OEM development
  • RTK networking (Internet and Broadcast)
  • Communications (civilian, government, and military)
  • Telemetry
Base-N-aBox has been servin in the agricultural market for over 25 years in various
capacities via our parent company SulAm Corporation, dba Spartan Manufacturing.
Over time, we have grown and changed to meet the needs of our clients and the
ever-evolving market of precision Ag.
We have more recently concentrated our efforts on lowering the cost and risk for
growers to adapt precision steering and for contractors to easily deploy
full-machine-control systems with field-force management. To accomplish this, we
partnered with Champion Instruments deliver the second generation of VRS Bridge
and a new RTK GNSS Rover to a market plagued by costly single-application bridge
devices and proprietary radio-base stations.

Base-N-aBox is dedicated to supplying, servicing, and innovating
quality communication devices for our clients. Contact one of our
professionals below: